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Recently I moved on the web in a chatroom with many 50-something women and questilocal one night standd all of them some dating concerns.

This is actually the second of a three-part web log on females over 50 relationship.

What’s the biggest challenge while matchmaking in your 50s?

Pam: Locating you to definitely date who wants to date you. Finding time & cash up to now with, and spend dating internet site subscriptions with. Staying good regardless of diminished dates.

And, since females live much longer, typically, than men…. we have progressively ladies in their particular 50s competing for fewer and less men in their sixties. There have become few of the ones that look good if you ask me, or don’t check wrongly older than me.


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Cindy: My most significant obstacle is actually discovering a guy that will not bore me.

Kat: we went with a guy in his 60′s and then he had been very passionate however the sole problem is which he doesn’t like young ones and I also have grandkids.

What exactly is advisable for a first big date?

Cindy; i do believe the greatest basic dates would be the quick easy simple dates. The place you have the capacity to speak to get a genuine experience for that individuals persona. My personal finest times are often over dinner and great convo.

Sherry: meet up with the individual very first for coffee…if it clicks you’ll be able to plan an initial big date

Pam: someplace where you can « do » some thing instead of just seated, but is good to talking. I hate just « seated » for the first meet. My coffee dates have generally speaking slain the chance of advancing. Up to now, most useful basic big date has-been bowling.

Whenever online dating online, have you got an inclination to neighborhood or long distance connections?

Pam: have actually tried both cross country and regional. Not too many unmarried men inside my age group in your area.

Cindy: this might look unusual, but I type of prefer the LD vs. town. I’m regional males rush things too fast. Existence after 50 does not mean passing. We could still have relationship, passion, intercourse, and remarkable interactions with a new really love. Recall whatever state.. 50 will be the brand new 40.